Toyota Tacoma Comes Packed with Impressive Safety Features

Still looking for a solid midsize pickup truck that has all the safety features you look for in a new vehicle? Maybe your next vehicle should be the all-new Toyota Tacoma.

Even when you are tired or distracted, the Toyota Tacoma is keeping you safe by way of the Lane Departure Alert system. This unique system scans the lane lines below to see if the vehicle begins drifting. If yes, a vibration is sent to the steering wheel to get the drive to react before something bad happens.

The Toyota Tacoma is also equipped with the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control…

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Technical Innovation Established in the 2018 Toyota Prius Hybrid

The Toyota Prius has established itself as the world's leading compact hybrid vehicle. There is a reason for this dominance year after year. By asserting itself as a leader in technical innovation, the 2018 Prius continues to lead its class.

The patented Intelligence Clearance Sonar (ICS) uses the smartest technology to assist drivers in any difficult parking situation by alerting them to potential stationary or moving hazards. The optional Qi-compatible wireless charging enables you to power your smartphone without having to mess with wires and charging devices.

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Driving is Made Easier with the Corolla

For many years, the Toyota Corolla has been one of the top-selling compact cars in the world. One reason for this is reliability. The Corolla has an excellent repair record. It is designed to make driving more fun and easier.

The Toyota Corolla is designed with a Dynamic Radar Assisted Cruise Control. This technology feature lets you set the cruise, then the system does the rest. The radar looks for slower vehicles. The Corolla will slow down if it needs to, and then it will resume speed when it is safe. The Corolla also offers steering assist. When the system…

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Check out the Toyota C-HR at Sunshine Toyota

Crossover SUVs and sedans have increased in popularity in the last couple of years. Toyota released the CH-R to capitalize on this trend. Toyota and other Japanese manufacturers have been quick to jump on this trend. These vehicles are popular due to their dual utility as city and rural vehicles. They are also known for being safer than traditional cars and sedans.

The CH-R has multiple exterior features that rural and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy. Some of the features come standard while others must be added as options. The roof rack is very popular with bikers and anyone that needs…

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Toyota Avalon Has Several New Safety Features

The Toyota Avalon has been getting a lot of attention these days as a new full-size sedan packed with helpful safety features drivers will appreciate. Here we discuss just two of those safety features in action.

One unique safety feature in the Avalon is the Automatic High Beams system. The system controls the headlights, so you get more high beams to improve your visibility as long as the road is clear. If another car has been detected by the system, it switches to the low beams until clear.

Once you get the Avalon to the ideal speed on the highway…

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Learn More about the Toyota Care Program

Toyota owners have come to expect quality which is synonymous with the Toyota brand. Toyota has delivered on their superior service with Toyota Care plan available to all new Toyota cars and trucks. The list below summarizes the key features of the Toyota Care.

No-Cost maintenance for 2 years or 25,000 miles which includes oil change, tire rotation as well as inspection of vital components. The plan includes 2 years roadside assistance unlimited mileage for 2 years. Toyota will jump start car battery, tire repair, lockout protection and towing.

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Take a Toyota 86 Coupe into Consideration

Shopping for a new sports car and need it to transition from work to play easily, then the all-new Toyota 86 is the car you have been looking for. The Toyota 86 is one of the most popular in its class and below are two reasons why.

The Toyota 86 comes standard with a folding rear seat that can comfortably accommodate passengers and folds easily to increase cargo space. This sports car gives you the…

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2018 Toyota Highlander is Ripe with Technologies for You

In the market for a new SUV and loves your technology; then the Toyota Highlander is the SUV you’ve been looking for. The Toyota Highlander is one of the most popular SUV’s on the market and below are two reasons why.

The Toyota Highlander comes with an available Driver Easy Speak system that utilizes a built-in microphone that allows the driver to talk with passengers in the back of the vehicle through the back speakers. This feature is great for talking to the kids without having to turn your head away from the road in front of you…

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Is a 2018 Toyota Camry the Model for You?

When searching for a sedan, you want to find something that you hear others talking about, and that seems to be well-loved. The Toyota Camry is one of the more popular mid-sized sedans out there, and it is a vehicle that you will enjoy owning.

The Toyota Camry is set up with interior features that will help you take on your travels in a new way. This vehicle has a trunk with all of the cargo space that you are seeking. This vehicle also features seats that are adjustable. You can switch the position of your driver's seat, and…

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How the Toyota Tundra Protects from All Sides

It’s true that safety warnings for the Toyota Tundra generally come out of the front dashboard either through the display screen or in a variety of lights. However, because hazards can come from anywhere, so can the alerts that warn you against them.

For example, the exterior side mirrors feature small indicators. They light up when you change lanes, and Blind Spot Monitoring detects a vehicle in the blind zone of the lane you want to reach. Rear Cross Traffic Alert also makes them light up if you’re going in reverse and the system detects that a vehicle…

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