Be Prepared on the Road

When you're driving, you need to stay focused. Don't rush or drive stressed or angry. Your mood can really affect the way that you drive. You should also leave yourself a lot of time to get to wherever you are going. Don't ever drive rushed, because you're much more likely to get into an accident if you do. You should be courteous and not tailgate, obey the speed limit, and obey the road signs. If you drive smart, then you will avoid not only accidents, but you will overall have a safer and more pleasant driving…

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A Good Roadside Emergency Kit is Key to Your Safety on the Road

Don’t wait till you are on the side of the road late at night and miles from help before you realize that a good roadside emergency kit gets needed for your car. Start today by putting together a basic kit that fills your needs and can help you and your family stay safe and secure on the side of the road if you find yourself idle for quite some time. A good kit covers all of your basic needs such as jumper cables, road flares, safety triangles, first aid kit and more. But there are also some other considerations…

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2017 Toyota Highlander is One Large-and-in-Charge Utility Vehicle

Is the full-size crossover class calling your name? Well, if so, we here at Sunshine Toyota suggest you heed its cries and turn your attention to ours, the 2017 Highlander.

What is it that this big-bodied brute brings to the table?

Here now to provide you with the inside scoop is pundit Mark Williams. Join him for his review of the Highlander right here:

On the base LE trim, the Highlander receives a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine as standard. Teaming with a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, the entry-level engine is rated at a respectable 185 horsepower…

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carwow Enumerates Best Qualities of 2017 Toyota RAV4

What do we here at Sunshine Toyota enjoy about the 2017 RAV4, our esteemed Japanese automaker's compact crossover?

Well, in all honesty ... just about everything. We feel Toyota served up a stunner of an SUV with this one.

Get a feel for what we mean by watching the clip below. Here now with his thoughts on the RAV4 is carwow critic Mat Watson:

The newest addition to the RAV4 range, the top-of-the-line Platinum model is altogether in a league of its own.

Standard equipment on this trim includes an 176-horsepower four-cylinder engine, 18-inch wheels, a navigation platform, driver-seat ...

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2017 Toyota Corolla Cements its Place as a Small-Sedan Standout

Are you considering a compact sedan for your next daily driver? Well, if so, we here at Sunshine Toyota feel you may well meet your match in ours, the 2017 Corolla.

And, as it turns, out, Managing Editor Jodi Lai agrees!

Check out her review of the Corolla in the clip below:

We've nothing but love for the Corolla's entry-level engine, a 1.8-liter four-cylinder. Served up standard with a continuously variable transmission and front-wheel drive, this four-banger dishes out a decent 132 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque.

Also of note is the Corolla's…

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Kelley Blue Book Gives 2017 Toyota Tacoma a Go

If your search for a new vehicle has led you to the midsize pickup truck segment, we here at Sunshine Toyota would be delighted to introduce you to ours, the 2017 Tacoma.

Wondering why we would?

Then, check the clip below. Here now to tally the Tacoma's top traits is Kelley Blue Book Senior Associate Video Editor Zach Vlasuk:

Climb to the apex of the Tacoma range and it's there you'll find the off-road-ready TRD Pro trim.

Standard features on this model include black head- and taillight bezels, black textured fender flares, LED foglights, distinctive 16-inch wheels…

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Toyota's Concept-i Blows Minds at CES

Toyota always impresses us with their vehicles at auto shows and, at this year's 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, they revealed something pretty crazy: the Toyota Concept-i concept car! This car looks like it fell out of the future with a style that would make Blade Runner fans' eye bulge out of their skulls like cartoon characters.

Click to read more about it!


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One of 8,600 in the Toyota 86

One look at the 2017 Toyota 86 and you'll quickly see that this sporty car is truly something special, and the automaker themselves agree. Taking the place of the now-discontinued Scion FR-S, the Toyota 86 is a fast and thrilling car that is also going to be extremely limited in its production; in fact, only 8,600 units will be created for the 2017 model year! Take a look at it in the video below, see what it can do, and ask yourself if you're going to be a part of the 8,600 lucky drivers:


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Start the new year off with a bang and the Toyota Highlander

It's officially that time of year where we say "sayonara" to the holidays and pack up all our festive decorations. The new year always brings new opportunity for fun and excitement and here at Sunshine Toyota we can't think of a better way to start it off than by taking the wheel of the 2017 Toyota Highlander.


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New, thrilling experiences are yours for the taking when you drive the capable, up for anything Toyota Highlander. The Highlander is a comfortable, pow

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